About Us

Established in 2015 and residing on the historic peninsular of Woolwich, Ironwood has been a destination for all locals, friends and families to experience a personable service that has been motivated through the passion and deep desire to have our customers satisfied when sharing our story. We are a proud family run business that is influenced by our cultural roots to provide an accommodating experience for all. We invite you share memories and indulge in our Glorious food complimented by our freshly in house roasted coffee!

Our speciality coffee is certified Fairtrade, Organic and Rain Forest Alliance coffee. By purchasing these green coffees we are reinforcing our commitment to the environment and the farmers providing our customers with superior quality coffee. Roasting freshly daily, our goal is to provide a great tasting cup of coffee through our passion and unique selection of handpicked premium beans, which has enabled us to create a range of boutique blends!

Australian owned and operated, our desire to create unforgettable memories for our patrons motivates us daily. Our Greek heritage encapsulates our way of service and our passion for food passed down in history has lead us to create our menu to celebrate a modern Australian cuisine while inspired from the seas and land of the Mediterranean.

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