About Us

We are proud roasters of certified Fairtrade, Organic and Rain Forest Alliance coffee. We are passionate for superior estate coffees purchased from round the world with a conscience, under ethical conditions with freshness and your satisfaction our highest priority. We support organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture. This means we buy the finest organic, forest friendly and fair trade estate coffees as possible. By purchasing these green coffees we reinforcing our commitment to the environment and the farmers and providing our customers with superior quality coffee.

Our passion for coffee and unique selection of handpicked premium beans has enabled us to create a range of boutique blends and single-origin coffee’s. All of our roasts are perfect to be enjoyed as cappuccino, espresso, filter, and plunger.

  • We roast daily so your coffee is as fresh as possible
  • Boutique traditional roasting
  • Finest handpicked specialty and organic green beans
  • Lingering seductive aroma
  • Crema silkiness
  • Gourmet perfection
  • Family run, 100% Australian business

Our products are genuine ‘Specialty Grade’ and certified organic coffees. Most are hand-picked, sun-dried, shade-grown, bird-friendly, and are certified by Rainforest Alliance and/or Fair-trade.

We want the best, and only the best.

At any one time you might find sacks of beans in our store from places like Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and more. The best beans come from mountain regions. They are denser and require a longer roasting time. Beans grown at low altitudes can be roasted quickly, in a matter of a few minutes, because of their low density, but the taste is decidedly inferior. These are not our choice.

Coffee is not dissimilar to wine. Coffee beans, like grapes, are affected by climate, altitude and soil. In fact, coffee is more complex than wine and those who appreciate the art are guided by nose, aroma and after-taste.

Your guide to good taste starts here!

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